Wooden accent wall for your Living Room

Wood is a timeless beauty; it adds a pleasant touch to your interiors and lends a warm, welcoming vibe to your living room. It has not just a calming effect on your mind but also makes your living area look classy, stylish and luxurious. When thinking about adding wooden elements to your home interiors, we usually think of a cupboard, window panes or wooden flooring, but with modern interior design getting creative and stylish, now you can add a wooden accent wall to your living room as well.


So, try a contemporary wooden wall design living room to give it a ravishing new look.

Wooden Panel Design For Your Living Room Wall

The vertical wooden panels give this home a modern and sleek look. The slatted wall adds texture and depth to the living room. You can use them for the entire wall or go half and half. You can add wooden flooring for a heightened rustic look. Some ornamental hanging lights and a LED-lit entertainment unit adds a stylish look to the interiors of your living room.

Floor-To-Ceiling Wooden Wall Design

This living room is all about elegance and class; the wooden wall with a marble finish adds grandeur to the interiors. A marble flooring brings serenity to your living room and makes it look spacious. The floor-to-ceiling curtains add to the cosiness of the space. You can bring some colour to your living room by adding some bright turquoise chairs. This breaks the monotony of the room effortlessly.

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Wooden Partition Wall Design For Your Living Room

A partition is an excellent idea to create a subtle boundary between your living room and your foyer unit. They are lighter to the eye and add elegance to your space. You choose a beautiful designer partition to add to the decor of the space. This piece of furniture is functional and fascinating as well. Wooden partition comes in different styles and colours, so you can choose the one that fits your living room interiors. Some of them come with built-in shelves for additional storage space for your interior decor elements.

Combination Of Wood And Mirror For Your Living Room Wall

If a wall covered fully by wood looks too traditional, you can add a modern twist to it by combining wood with a mirror. The lighter shade of wood, along with mirrors, looks stylish and chic. This design is lighter to the eye, and the mirror reflects light and lends a dazzling look to the entire space. This accent wall is minimalistic and simple yet becomes the highlight of your living room effortlessly.

Scandinavian Design-Inspired Wooden Wall Design

If you love minimalistic interiors, you will fall in love with this Scandinavian design-inspired wooden wall. The lighter shades bring a calming vibe to the space. A glossy finish adds a beautiful touch to your space. You can opt for an entire accent wall or just cover your TV unit’s backdrop for a minimalistic look. Use some spotlight to accentuate the wooden wall’s look if you want to jazz up your living room.

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A Beautiful Wooden Wall Design In Dual Tone

If monotones do not attract you, try playing with multiple tones and texture for your living room’s accent wall. You can add wooden panels in the corner of the wall and use some textured wallpaper in the middle. This will reduce the cost and give a trendy look to your accent wall. A matching coffee table and minimal furniture can be used to stitch the look together. A sleek TV unit in white with smart storage brings out the contrast beautifully and adds to the functionality of your living room as well. You can add some lamps or chandeliers to emphasize the warmth of your living room.

We hope that your search for ‘wooden wall designs living room’ or ‘wooden wall tiles design for living room’ ends here. If you are looking for some ideas to revamp your living room or are a little worried about how to incorporate these stunning wooden wall designs into your living room interiors, you can always contact our expert designers. They will guide you and help you design your living room just the way you have imagined. So think no more; book a consultation with our designers today and take your first step towards realizing your dream.