Victoria’s secret vet Elsa Hosk’s apartment

Elsa Hosk’s new apartment is a clear sign that this Victoria’s Secret Angel has been following her dreams, and making them happen. When Elsa was just starting out in the modeling world, she would visit home to Sweden every few months. As time went on, she traveled the globe for work more often than not. In recent years, it became clear that Elsa wouldn’t have enough space in her apartment while living life as a full-time model so she decided to buy a place of her own.”

Elsa Hosk’s new apartment

“Elsa bought an apartment about four blocks from where she grew up and close to all of the shops and restaurants she frequented when visiting Stockholm. The building itself dates back to 1901 which adds character for sure! I can see why

We all know that traveling can be exhausting, but it’s also a great way to see the world. If you’re looking for an apartment with lots of space and modern amenities, then this is the perfect place for you! It’s located in New York City, so there are tons of opportunities around every corner. You won’t have any trouble finding things to do or places to go while living here. Plus, it has a beautiful view of Central Park from your bedroom window!

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successful model like Elsa Hosk

This apartment is full of light and airy spaces where you can relax after a long day at work or exploring the city. The kitchen features sleek white cabinets and marble countertops with plenty of room for cooking up delicious meals.

And when it comes time to unwind at night, curl up on your plush couch in front of your flat screen TV before drifting off into dreamland in your cozy bed tucked away upstairs. You’ll never want to leave once you’ve seen what this place has to offer!

• Design your own space according to you

• Make it homey

• Be ready for anything that may come around the corner

• It’s great for staying mentally healthy

• Follow your dreams and make them happen

• Be a successful model like Elsa Hosk

• Live the life you want without limits

• Have an apartment in New York City or wherever

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Victoria’s Secret Angel

As a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Elsa Hosk has been living the life of her dreams. Now that she is in position to buy an apartment for herself, it seems like all the hard work and dedication have paid off. On top of being one of the most sought after models around today, Elsa is also a spokeswoman for Pantene products and Swarovski jewelry.secret

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