Moose on Skis in the Butte/ Framed Ski Moose Art Print/ Ski Moose in Crested Butte – White – 12 x 16 / 304 x 406mm / 2 White border

A lovely print for any room in the house. A cheeky moose is in two skis, with two legs on each ski and the poles under its armpits trying to ski down the mountain. Even it seems like an impossible idea, if you see his snow tracks, he seems to be a great skier. The moose is skiing on Mount Crested Butte, in the beautiful town of Crested Butte in SW Colorado, USA. Get this frame for yourself to decorate your office, your living room, your own room or your kid’s room. Or it is a great present as a house-warming gift, and acts great as a ski chalet