Is a Discount 1-bedroom right apartment for a couple?

You and your partner want to live together, but you have only one bedroom. What are the pros and cons of a 1-bedroom apartment? There are many advantages of living in a small space, but it will also be important for you to consider what is most important so that you can make an informed decision. These are some factors to think about when deciding on this option.

Deciding to rent an apartment with your partner? Where do you start? What space do you need? What are your lifestyle expectations? Forgetting to consider these factors from the start could be a recipe for madness, which is why you need to think about what works for you two.apartment

If you’re wondering ‘whether a one-bedroom is big enough for a couple,’ the answer is usually ‘yes’. Having said that, many couples opt for a larger one-bedroom apartment or even a two bedroom because they need an office or workroom, or guest room.

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Advantages of a One-Bedroom for a Couple

  • Cleaning is easier with a smaller space to clean and manage.
  • More affordable especially if you are just starting out your life together.
  • Cozier and more compact option allowing you both to enjoy time together.

Disadvantages of a One-Bedroom for a Couple

  • If you have too much stuff, then you will likely have little to no storage space for them.
  • Entertaining can be a little difficult with the limited space, so you may not be able to have a larger gathering.
  • Work from home can be difficult if your partner is doing the same.

What to Consider When Deciding on a One-Bedroom Apartment?

For some couples, a one-bedroom may be the perfect choice while others may want to benefit from a larger space. If you are trying to figure out whether a one-bedroom apartment makes sense to you and your partner, you need to consider several factors.

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Other Considerations

Is It a Good Apartment Size?

Generally speaking, your apartment needs to accommodate all your needs, including a large enough bedroom space. For a one-bedroom apartment, a good size is about 650+ square feet or more. With this size, you should be able to fit a queen or king size bed into the room and still have enough space for side tables and wardrobes if needed (though check the specific floor plan to confirm). Other areas to consider are the size of the kitchen and living room.


Do you and your partner have a lot of stuff?

If you have limited stuff and don’t need to worry about storage, a one-bedroom could be perfectly suited to your lifestyle needs. You can also choose one-bedroom apartments with storage facilities if you don’t want to store your things in the apartment.

Are you both onboard?

The decision between a one-bedroom and any other apartment size rests with both partners. Have a discussion about whether it is suited to your needs before your hunt begins.

Do you want to entertain?

If you both enjoy entertaining, then space may be a consideration. In general, couples that love entertaining tend to look for bigger apartment sizes to accommodate this lifestyle choice.

Do you both work from home?

If you both work from home then you may want to consider having a larger space so you don’t clash with each other while at work (or hear each other on the phone).

Do you have pets?

As a couple, a one-bedroom apartment may be enough. But if you have pets, then you may want to consider a larger space so you are all confined to a limited area. Check out the floorplan ahead of time to decide if the apartment size is right for you.

Do you mind moving?

A lot of couples start out with a one bedroom but then quickly yearn for a 2 bedroom. If you can afford it and don’t like moving, perhaps getting a two bedroom right away is the way to go. We often have renters do just this.